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Parties, Builders and Spring Cleaning: How to Tackle a One-Off Clean
04Nov 2014
Parties, Builders and Spring Cleaning: How to Tackle a One-Off CleanCleaning is something engage in all the time. Each day we will find ourselves wiping up spills, picking up bits, vacuuming the floor, sorting items, throwing things away and much more. This can all take up a lot of time each week, as we will spend many hours ensuring that our abode is tidy, organised and clean. Washing, wiping, polishing, etc can all take their toll and we can find we often don’t have the strength, energy, motivation and time to get it all done. We will persevere though and ensure that our house is one worth living in. Regular home cleaning can be tough but often you will find yourself facing a large one-off clean. This can come up in many circumstances such as when you have had party, you are undertaking spring-cleaning, you have just had builders in and more. These require a full clean of one or more rooms after they have become every messy. Bits or maintenance doesn’t cut it here so for tips on how to prevent the mess and to tackle it, read on. If you are having many guests over and food and drink is involved you can expect a lot of mess afterwards. To make this house cleaning simpler you should prepare accordingly beforehand. Stock up on paper towels and bin bags, as these will allow you to clean up as you go along, preventing the mess from building up. Before guests arrive move items that are fragile or easily knocked over into another room. Have paper plates, plastic cups and napkins readily available and guests will use them, cutting down on crumbs and washing up. Have bins scattered around the area and people will be encouraged to place their waste into them, a rather than cleaning them in any old place. The moment anything is spilled or dropped, remove it quickly so it doesn’t stain, dry, get trodden into the carpet, spread about, etc. Tackle as much of the cleaning the same night and the day next day after the party, as leaving it can cause mess to build up and become tougher to tackle. When your house clean requires large sort and clean, then you best be prepared. Spring-cleaning can be a chore that sees you tackling mess and clutter in every room so you should plan accordingly so nothing is forgotten about, rushed, etc. Create a schedule so what you know what rooms are being covered when, so you can dedicate enough time to each and have all the materials you need. The more organised you are the more though you can be, giving you the opportunity to revitalise your abode. Assign rooms and jobs to various members of your home and you will find your domestic cleaning going much swifter. If building work is to be done at your address, then your house cleaning will mostly be preventative. Remove as many objects as you can from the work area so that they will be safe. Place tarp, old sheets and towels, etc over your furniture and floors so any paint, dust, cement, or whatever will not ruin your belongings. You can then throw away the covering or wash it, which will be much simpler than cleaning all your times or buying new ones. A professional cleaning company can help you tackle all of this without needing to do much work. Cleaning agencies will also ensure you get a superior and swifter result, so consider this option for your one-off cleaning.

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