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Make Your End Of Lease Cleaning Amusing And Fun
03Dec 2014
Make Your End Of Lease Cleaning Amusing And FunThe overwhelming end of lease cleaning can tempt you to take a couple of free days only for doing so or even to feel exhausted at the end of the cleaning days. Yet that`s one of the most important steps that ensure your deposit back and the good mood of the landlord. Or maybe you move to another place nearby the new school or for a new work - in all cases, the old house should be cleaned up and freshen like new too. Another great idea is to make it fun and amusing while cleaning in the meantime.It`s enough just to look at the cleaning just like another unordinary day in the old home with friends and loved ones, and yet spending most of the time with cleaning all the rooms, vacuuming the floors, wiping off dust, etc. The amusing journey can begin with the choice of cleaning detergent and solutions, which to add in the bowls with hot water. The variety of cleaning solutions includes a whole chemistry and it`s enough only to go in the local market. Add more fun while creating the shopping list. From a dissolvent for carpet stains, to a polishing spray for windows and TV screens and to alcohol-free wipes to protective gloves - add all that`s needed for the big end of lease cleaning. It`s often quite cheaper to do it by yourself, than calling the cleaning company with professional cleaners. On the other hand, you can clean everything in an even more amusing way if you create your own homemade cleaning solutions.For this, only white vinegar, water, soap and your favorite shampoo are needed. Let`s begin with the solution for carpets or other rugs on the floors - mixing a small amount of soap and hot water is more than enough to dissolve even the strongest stains, especially after treatment with a shampoo foam. Let`s take the windows - a mixture of hot water and vinegar will remove all the blemishes and dirty traces from the outer side of the windows while polishing them in the meantime. Well, if the leather upholstery of sofas, chairs and other furniture is cracked or discolored - you may definitely need help from professional cleaners. They have special solutions with pigments, sanitizing agents and other compounds that restore the texture, shine and strength of leather surfaces.At the cleaning day, call friends or colleagues to help with some steps of the cleaning and even to help with ideas for more homemade detergent mixtures for cleaning. Don`t forget to turn on the music while cleaning. A more dynamic and faster music that will keep you in orbit while strolling around. The faster the music - the faster the cleaning or at least the try is worth it.Overall, the easy ways for the end of lease cleaning range from your good mood to the number of your helpers. Just take your free time and don`t rush, because the perfectly cleaned up house will at least ensure the return of deposit. Except for cleaning, make also sure to inspect every item and corner of the house for damages or malfunctions. Even the cleanest house can make a bad impression if the oven rack or the shelve door is broken. Repair all the furniture parts and upholstery so they look like new, then, go through all the rooms and corners for a final look. Your friends can give a very important opinion, thanks to the different viewpoint, while for the end of the day - make coffee or tea, or take some photos while enjoying the perfectly clean house.

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