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     Thank you Cleaners Stockwell for going out of your way to help me replace my old carpet with the new rug. I loved your upholstery cleaning services. Your team of cleaners are the best. I'll recommend you to my network.
     The cleaning crew from Stockwell Cleaning Services arrived at my home to perform a deep cleaning, so I decided to spot check. Excellent, they cleaned the carpet, upholstery (even lifting and vacuuming under cushions), high areas such as light fixtures were dust free, and rubbish removed from the kitchen. Best cleaning crew. Very happy with the results.
Elizabeth Connolly11/09/2018
      StockwellCleaners did a super rug cleaning job for me and saved me from having to replace my rugs. I was so pleased with the cost of the service and will be telling all of my family and friends about them. Thanks so much!
Rosie Allen14/07/2015
     My neighbour left her cat with me when she went on holiday and the cat made a total mess of my living room when I came back. One of my friends told me about Stockwell-Cleaners and suggested that I used them. Safe to say that my carpet was restored and I was amazed at the level of professionalism that I received.
     I have hired Stockwell-Cleaners a few times to clean my house on a one off basis and I have been mostly pleased with the outcomes. I have never had to wait long to get a booking and they always informed me via phone or text before they arrived, which helped me tidy up my space for them to clean. I appreciate the attention that they give to every part of my house and I am glad that they clean it so thoroughly. Thank a lot guys!
Y. Ellis18/02/2015
     I own a carpet cleaning machine, but it's not been great at getting rid of stains. I tried a few methods before giving up and hiring a professional cleaning company. I opted for Stockwell-Cleaners after reading some reviews, and I found their carpet cleaning service to be very good, very affordable and just what I needed to get rid of stains on my floors. I'm keen to try out their other home cleaning services next!
     After looking at several carpet stores in the hope that I could replace my old carpet at a reasonable price, I was shocked at what I would have to pay. Someone advised me to contact Stockwell-Cleaners for a price to get my carpets cleaned and brought back to life. I was happy that I listened, and I did let this superb carpet cleaning company do the work. They did a first rate job at an attractive cost and now all my carpets look splendid.
S. Crowston24/11/2014
     In our student house we don't have a lot of inclination to clean but even if we did, we'd probably not do a very good job being a group of boys, and the place does need a decent clean every week or so. Stockwell-Cleaners have done all our house cleaning since we moved in and they do a really good job. No matter how messy the place gets this cleaning agency can handle it and they come regularly enough to keep the bathroom, kitchen and lounge clean and tidy enough. If you are a student in London I would definitely recommend using this cleaning agency.
     A sterling job the whole way round! I now tell all of my friends to use Stockwell-Cleaners if they're looking for professional cleaners and they always have the same reaction as me. A better price than a lot of other so called professional cleaning businesses and a lot better at the job. I now hire your cleaners to help out in the potting shed as well as with the stables and you are certainly the best people for the job. I cannot speak highly enough of your efforts and I especially like the products that you use! Always an easy going scent and not too heavy like some!
Lisa T.23/10/2014
     Office cleaning is something my workers do not really have time for here at my company. We are rushed off our feet trying to make the company work 24/7. That is why we need a reliable, professional team of office cleaners to make sure the place sparkles and shines every single working day of the week. Stockwell-Cleaners provide such a service at a very reasonable price and they have not let us down. Polite, professional and dedicated to getting the job done the office has never looked better!
Parry G.09/10/2014
     I've never been one hundred percent certain about professional services in general - I can see the benefits, yeah, but I've never been sure that they would respect my privacy, and whether the cost would be worth it. Though all of that being said, both me and my girlfriend needed a bit of a break from the housework, so we decided to take the chance. We settled on Stockwell-Cleaners after a bit of shopping around, and I can say that my opinion has very much changed! They weren't expensive, and were very considerate and dependable. Our home has never looked better! Highly recommended!
Lucy Huw29/08/2014
     Thank you Stockwell-Cleaners for all of your help when it came to my end of tenancy clean! I have quite a large house and I knew that cleaning it on my own would take me weeks and weeks, but my hired cleaners managed to get the job done in just a day! There wasn't a speck of dust or a stain to be found anywhere in the property once they'd finished, and the service was inexpensive and very professional. I'm more than happy with this company and their stunning end of tenancy cleaning service - I'd recommend them to anyone who's moving house and looking for a cleaner!
     Recently I had my loft converted in order to gain some extra living space. The builders did a great job but they did leave a lot of mess to clean up. Some of it was building materials and I had no idea what was what. I found a local company called Stockwell-Cleaners who claimed to be experts in this type of work. They were not wrong and it's true to say that they did a remarkable job in a short time and at a great price, and using some state of the art appliances and tools to ensure a professional job.
Elaine Appleton12/06/2014
     I lived on my own and just got fed up with cleaning the flat. Though it was only small it soon got dirty especially the kitchen and bathroom. My mate suggested I hire the professional company Stockwell-Cleaners to help out. At first I wasn't sure about having a stranger in my home, but though I would give it a try. I phoned up and made a home clean appointment. The cleaners came on time, and we discussed what I wanted and they got on with it. They worked hard on the place and it took a few hours to get it all back in order, but the results were great.
Arthur Harmony26/05/2014
     My uncle kept going on about how great this company called Stockwell-Cleaners are and I kept saying that I do not need professional help as I'm quite capable of doing it myself, in my usual stubborn manner oh well In the end I gave in and thought what harm would it do to try it out? And yes, he was totally right, they are fantastic and yes they are better than me, just! There I've said it, I confess aha I hold my hands up high, this company are by far the best cleaning experience I have ever witnessed, but I'm still a close second!
     Very good team, very reliable and great with people. All of the ladies that I spoke to when I called, and when they came around to work, were fantastic with my old nana. She had been asking me to clean her home for a while and I hadn't found the time and I could tell that it was bothering her but she just isn't capable of doing it herself. I gave Stockwell-Cleaners a call and for the price they quoted it was really much for convenient to call them in. They did a great job.
Rose Graham08/04/2014
     If you are searching for someone to help you out with any kind of cleaning jobs, there's no one out there who is better than Stockwell-Cleaners for getting the job done, I've found. Trying to squeeze everything into one week is incredibly tough, especially when there's just so much to do. But as soon as we hired in their help, not only did our home end up much cleaner, but we managed to just find so much more time to accomplish our other goals. They're a tremendous help, and it all comes at a great price. Can't recommend enough.
     This cleaning company is definitely one of the best ones that I've ever used - and I've tried more than a few over the years! My favourite cleaning company became too expensive, so I started the hunt for a company that would be just as good, but not as pricey! The company that I found myself most drawn to was Stockwell-Cleaners, not just because of their low prices but because of their excellent reviews too. I haven't had any bad experiences with the company yet, and I'm very happy with the work that they do. This is a company that's better than most others in the area, and they're inexpensive too!