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Which Weather Affects Window Cleaning The Most?
23May 2014
Which Weather Affects Window Cleaning The Most?If you have ever tried to clean your own windows, you will quickly find out how much of an impact the prevailing weather can have on the job at hand. Whether it is rain, wind or sun, there is always a way in which the cleaning process is affected by the weather conditions and learning how to deal with this weather and learning when the best time to clean a set of windows is can make a real difference to the speed and effectiveness of the cleaning. So if you are thinking of getting your windows cleaned or are going to clean them yourself, how can the weather conditions make a big difference to the window cleaning process? Perhaps the most obvious weather which can affect window cleaning is the rain. The precipitation which falls from the sky might seem as though it is doing you a favour at first, cleaning the windows so that you don’t have to. Unfortunately, the cleaning process does not exactly work like that and a spot of rain can make it difficult to get the job done properly. Perhaps the most obvious way in which the rain will affect you is the effect which it will have on whoever is doing the cleaning. For those who are cleaning windows, standing out in the cold and wet can be quite the challenge, especially if your hands are in a bucket of cold and soapy water. This can mean that the job is not done to the best of anyone’s abilities, with the rain impairing mobility and effectiveness. As well as affecting the person who is doing the washing, the rain can also affect the ease with which you are able to get the job done properly. Just and much as the wetting and scrubbing of dirty windows is a vital part of the process, it is equally as important to make sure that the glass is dried in the proper fashion. This means that residual marks and stains are not left behind during the cleaning process by standing water. Rain can make the drying all the more difficult and means getting different results during the cleaning process. Next to the rain, the wind might also be seen as having a big effect on your windows. Just like with the rain, the conditions of an icy cold wind can make the washing and drying and general cleaning of your windows all the more difficult and as such, getting this job done in the rain is often ill advised. When it comes to a light breeze, however, this can sometimes be helpful. If you happen to be cleaning on a clear day, a light breeze can provide the perfect drying conditions. Not too quick, not too slow, just right to make sure that your windows are left as clean as possible. When it comes to the best results, a clear day and a light breeze can often deliver the best results. But what about the sun? It might seem after all this that cleaning windows in the sunshine is the very best option. However, direct sunlight can often have a counter intuitive effect of drying the cleaning solution far too quickly. For those who are thinking of cleaning their windows around noon or early afternoon, you might well find that the strong sun is quickly drying the windows and leaving streaks and marks. As such, it can help to avoid cleaning when you know it will be too sunny. For those who are trying to figure out which conditions suit their cleaning the most, it can often help to trust the opinions of an expert. Those who hire professional help will have access to this information as well as being able to hire a skilled tradesman who will be able to overcome environmental difficulties.

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