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Home Cleaning Need Not Be a Tough Chore
08Jul 2015
Home Cleaning Need Not Be a Tough Chore

Having a nice clean home will make you feel better. But for many of us it can be the dreaded chore that looms at the end of a working week. When there is more than one you can take turns and share the chores but it can be harder when handling the cleaning on your own. If you live on your own it can be tough getting all of the jobs done. Why not make some light work of it and try to fit in 20 -30 minutes a day and try to maintain order in the cleaning department.

There are some cleaning tasks that need to be done regularly such as washing the dishes, dusting and seeping, and doing the laundry. But, really if you have a hamper for dirty clothes, it doesn’t take that long to pile into the right order and throw into the washing machine and turn it on! When you prepare food and eat, make sure you clear up straight away rather than leave it and go and watch the TV. Improving bad habits like this can help reduce the time spent on home cleaning and give you time to go and do more interesting things you enjoy doing. It only takes some organisation and a few minutes every day to at least keep the place tidy and in reasonable order.

Leaving the washing up and laundry for days will only depress you. As with all house cleaning leaving the jobs to stack up will only get you down. Get a grip and take action and do some everyday. There are some jobs that can wait, such as changing the beds. But, keeping the kitchen and bathroom tidy on a daily basis is really important to stay healthy. Germs can spread in these two rooms so make sure you clean these areas after using them. The bathroom cleaning can be done as soon as you have finished showering. Cleaning the shower after you have used it and then following with the sink, toilet and floor will mean the job is done. Have some cleaning detergents and cloths on hand stored a cupboard can help make it convenient to get it done immediately.  Then it is clean for the day!

Opening the windows and letting some fresh air in can help take away bad odours from stale cooking smells and pets. Make sure you empty the bins daily as there is nothing worst then old rubbish causing a bad smell in the home. Sweeping or vacuuming the floors will instantly make a room look much tidier, and also keeping everywhere dusted. Small changes will make a difference. Have a cleaning bucket and keep it well stocked with basic supplies to take it to each room you want to start cleaning. This save you keep looking in all of the cupboards for basic cleaning detergents. Have a good selection of tools even if it means investing in them. Like food it is worth keeping a shopping list for detergents and supplies then you know you always have them in stock!

It doesn’t take that long to keep the place looking tidy. Some careful planning and even making a checklist and ticking off the jobs as you do them can help. Also the feeling of achieving the jobs will make you feel much better. When you start to see how clean and tidy your home is it may give you the incentive to carry on keeping it clean.

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