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Everything You Need To Know About Hard Floor Cleaning
20May 2015
Everything You Need To Know About Hard Floor Cleaning

Cleaning your hard floors may seem like a relatively simple task. You may think that giving them a vacuum clean or a wipe down would be enough to get the results that you’re looking for. True, simplicity is sometimes the best approach, but in this situation, there’s plenty more that you could do to get amazingly clean floors.

1.    Dust mop.
Use a dust mop to pick up and wipe away any loose bits of dirt on your floor. Vacuuming, although great, quick and easy, could possibly scratch your floors, so it’s advisable for you to either use a dust mop, or a soft microfiber cloth to wipe down your floors.

2.    Damp map, don’t wet mop!
If you’re going to mop your floors to clean up general dirt then be sure not to soak your mop in water. Before you begin, clean your mop in warm water and add some detergent in there to get rid of any dirt that may be left over from the last time you did your house cleaning. Then wring out your mop thoroughly; squeeze, squeeze and continue squeezing until your mop is almost dry but still slightly damp to the touch.

3.    Buffer and coat your floors every so often.
Give your floors the special treatment once in a while and get your hands on a buffer machine. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find these specialised machines in high street shops, so your best bet would be to call a cleaning agency. There are plenty of cleaning agencies out there, all offering different prices and special deals, so be sure to do your research before you go booking any cleaning service. Ask for a buffer and coating service for your floors, or alternatively, if you’re feeling brave, ask about hiring their equipment so that you can do the work yourself.

4.    Wax for a fantastic finish.
Waxing not only protects your hard floors, but also gives them a fantastic shine. It can provide you floors with a protective layer and nowadays, it’s relatively easy to apply. First, it’s essential that you find out whether your floor has been treated with wax before. If it has, then you may need to strip the coating before applying a new layer. You should be able to buy floor stripper on the high street, but if not, do a quick internet search and you should be able to find some relatively easily. Next, get your hands on some floor wax. Before applying, clean your floors and remove any furniture so that you can apply the wax to the whole floor. When applying the wax, use a sponge mop, and with broad strokes, wipe your floors down from side to side. Make sure that the mop isn’t dripping wet with wax before you apply it, because you want a nice even layer of wax to coat your floors. Wait to dry, and then wax again. Once you’re satisfied and your floors are glossy and beautiful, wash all your home cleaning equipment right away, because the wax can be incredibly hard to remove if left on your equipment for any length of time. You may also need to buff your floors, but this is dependent on the type of wax used. If all of this seems time consuming and you feel it’s beyond your capabilities, call up a cleaning company, book some cleaning services and hire a team of professional cleaners to do the work for you. Hiring some professional services will give you fantastic results, so it’s well worth giving it a try!

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