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Deep Cleaning Homes At The End Of Lease
10Sep 2014
Deep Cleaning Homes At The End Of LeaseWhy is it important?Failure to giving the property a thorough clean at the end of a lease could mean that you lose out on your deposit, so it is extremely important that you do not fail to do this and end up falling short! What do I need to do?Depending on the condition of the property and how well you have looked after it, it may be little work or could be a lot. Usually tenants are required to repair damages they may have caused although many landlords will allow for general wear and tear. The home should be left in a reasonable condition, with no breakages and it needs to be clean and tidy. Some landlords may be more forgiving than others but if you are unsure of what you need to do, then don’t be afraid to ask, also all requirements should be listed on the tenancy agreement which is well worth a read. Depending on what was including within the rental of this property will depend on how much work you may have to do at the end. For instance for carpeted properties, you may be obliged to get them professionally cleaned at the end, this also applies for all upholstery included within the rental. It’s a tenant’s responsibility to leave things just as they were when they moved in. Should I hire an agency cleaner?You may wish to hire an agency cleaner to give the whole property a deep clean at the end of the lease, this ideal for saving time and very beneficial to those who have carpets and upholstery to attend to. However hiring agency cleaners may not always be necessary, if you have only lived in the home for a short space of time it may not be worth it, or if you have a maintained a good standard of cleanliness within the property during your stay, then you may be able to manage it yourself. Little changes can make huge differences!If time allows it, it is always better to clean the property once all of your belongings have been move out because you get to really see what you are faced with, with no hidden surprises.Some rooms may look like they need a redecorating however it could be due to unsightly marks that can easily be wiped away. Top tip/ a steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning everything within a property, from flooring, to walls to appliances and by the use of extreme heat and steam, water vapour gently cleanses whilst managing to eliminate harmful bacteria’s, the ideal cleaner for fast, efficient and effective cleaning. Clean the windows or ask a window cleaner to clean them as this makes a massive difference to the appearance of the property and it will not go unnoticed by any landlord, if a landlord can see that you have generally cared well for a property it may be more forgiving with other areas, including accidental damages. If you are going to clean flooring, then do it a few days before you hand the keys in so that it has plenty of time to dry out, especially for carpet cleaning! You do not want to put lots of effort into carpet cleaning for it to be easily destroyed by people walking all over it, and then find your are faced with the bill! If it’s not possible to do this beforehand make sure that the landlord is aware that the carpets are slightly damp so that he doesn’t step on and so that he can keep windows open to help them to dry out quicker.

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